April 2010 Mission Trip — A Success!

A group of 35 volunteers from 5 different states spent the spring break in Empalme de Boaco, Nicaragua.  The group’s mission was to share God’s amazing love with the people of this rural community while working in a variety of teams.

The medical and dental team worked together in the community health clinic for 4 days and was able to take care of 587 patients.  Dr. Raquel Bravo, a general dentist from Miami, Florida took care of 60 patients each requiring multiple teeth extractions.   Most patients are women and children from nearby communities, many of whom have to walk hours to get to the clinic. All the patients received anti-parasitic medication and a 1 month supply of multivitamins.  The clinic staff also distributed a tooth brush and a toothpaste to all patients and taught them how to properly brush their teeth. Children up to the age of 14yrs received fluoride varnish for the prevention of cavities. Over 2, 250 prescriptions were filled in our pharmacy and given to the patients free of charge.

The children’s team was able to minister to over 100 small children during the vacation Bible school. The children enjoyed coloring, crafts, Bible stories and games. The week ended with a celebration attended by over 150 children. Each child had the opportunity to participate in the breaking of 4 pinatas and each received a handful of candy. The children had a wonderful time just being kids and receiving unconditional love from the team members. Many of these kids do not have an opportunity to be kids because of the degree of poverty in their lives. Many have to work from as young as 6 yrs old to help their families eat. They enjoyed side walk chalk, bubbles, playing with ballons, jumping rope and so many other activities. It was heart warming to see their big smiles as they eagerly waited patiently for the activities to begin each day.
This trip was our first time organizing a soccer sports camp. 200 children ages 8-14yrs were signed up to attend the camp prior to our arrival. Each child was provided with a peanut butter sandwich and gatorade during camp. The baseball stadium was used to practice and teach the children different soccer skills. All the children received a soccer jersey and a water bottle donated by Upwards Sports. The teams proudly marched around the stadium wearing their soccer uniform on the last day of camp. The ministry’s goal is to start a sports program to give children a healthy and fun alternative to the dangers of street life.

Our construction team was able to improve the lives of 2 families during our week in Empalme de Boaco. With the help of a couple of local volunteers, the team placed a metal roof, wood framing, and concrete flooring to 2 homes. The team also left materials to local community leaders to complete 2 other homes in the near future.
Our evangelism team had the privilidge to pray for hundreds of people and the blessing to lead 16 new believers to the life transforming knowledge of Christ Jesus. Our work in Empalme is only temporary without the work of God in people’s lives. Only God can make a change that lasts in Empalme de Boaco. It has been an honor to be able to witness and participate in the work that God is doing in this community.

If you are interested in participating in the next mission trip please contact Beatriz Juncadella by e-mail at mosensito@hotmail.com or Susan Baron at   laluzministries@ymail.com

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