Clinic construction on its way

After months of rain, the construction of the clinic is finally on its way. The clinic is expected to be finished by this summer. Members of the community are working daily in the construction and are eager to have their own community health center. The clinic will have a well and sick waiting area, a reception/pharmacy area, 3 private examining rooms, an indoor and outdoor bathroom and a large central area. It will be located in the center of El Empalme off the main road–carretera al Rama. Currently, the clinic is temporarily located in a rental facility and is staffed with a part-time physician, a nurse and an administrator. Dr. Tania Gomez of Managua is working 3 days/week and seeing an average of 100 patients per week. A medical chart is made for each new patient seen in the clinic and up to now, there are approximately 1,600 active charts. In addition to providing medical care, the clinic provides the needed medications to all patients free of charge. Patients are also receiving preventative care including education on proper nutrition and hygiene. All patients are receiving Albendazole 400mg every 6months to treat worms and prevent malnutrition. People in the community are excited and optimistic about their future and health.

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