“Future Promises” Soccer Academy– Changing Young Lives


We are starting off another year at the soccer academy in Empalme de Boaco, Nicaragua.   Thanks to all of our supporters,  we were able to add new members to the 8-12 yrs boys division.   This past February 11, 2015 we were invited to participate in the academy’s new season celebration.  During the ceremony, new members of the teams were presented with their uniform and shoes and together with their parents they accepted the academy’s agreement of participation.  Every participant is expected to keep a satisfactory academic performance during the school year, stay out of trouble at home, at school and in the community and be a good example to others in order to be part of the academy.  In the agreement, each parent writes down a set of goals for their child to achieve during the year and they sign the participation agreement together with their children.  It was so exciting to see the smiles as each child received their new uniform.  It is a great privilege to be part of the team and the kids know that very well.  This is the only organized sports activity in the town and it has a limited participation capacity.   We were also able to celebrate with the older boys division their recent regional championship 1st place title and our ministry was presented symbolically with the trophy.  The team will be travelling to Managua to the National youth soccer tournament later in the year representing the state of Boaco.  10952419_10206340901625974_1273741191972141916_n

Congratulations to Empalme de Boaco ” Future Promises” Soccer Academy– “Where Dreams Grow”!!! 11071734_10206340901825979_8750667306742946609_n

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