September 2008 Mission Trip

We had a wonderful and exciting mission trip this past September 4-12th.  Our team consisted of 32 people from multiple churches that united with one vision and purpose–to show God’s love in action to the people of Empalme de Boaco.    We had four teams including a medical/dental team, a construction team, a children ministry team and a prayer/evangelism team.

690 patients were cared for by the medical and dental team.  All children up to the age of 14 received flouride treatments and a free toothbrush and toothpaste.  Everyone over the age of 2 were treated for parasites and received  a month supply of multivitamins.  Our pharmacy filled approximately 2000 prescriptions that were distributed free of charge.

Our construction team was able to improve the homes of three families by building a roof and cement flooring to their existing shelters.  These families were living in conditions that are hard to even imagine; with every rain their homes would literally flood.  They can now enjoy the rain for the first time inside their improved home. 

Our children ministry team ran two vacation Bible schools and ministered to over 200 children.  The children enjoyed games, crafts, music and Bible stories.  Their faces would just light up day after day as they would wait at the gate to come into the VBS.  Some of these children have been working since a young age to be able to eat and help their families.  The VBS provided a place for them where they could be kids again and be loved by someone unconditionally. 

Our prayer and evangelism team was in constant prayer.  They offered prayer to all the people that came to the clinic and shared God’s love.  During the lunch break each day we were able to share the Jesus movie.  Five people gave their lives to the Lord and were connected to the local church.  What a blessing it was to witness God’s love for his children in Empalme de Boaco, Nicaragua.   

Our next mission trip will be the week of April 6th to 14th.  You do not want to miss this great experience.  Please contact Beatriz Juncadella for more information at

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