The “Six Days Church” Miracle

The entire community of Empalme de Boaco watched in amazement as the “miracle men” finished building the church for the local congregation “Restauracion en Jesucristo.” A team of twenty five men from Manteo, North Carolina, made the journey to Empalme to complete this building project in only 6 days. The team was lead by Dr. JL Williams, founder of New Directions International and Mr. Coy Tillet, owner of Coastal Ready Mix Concrete in Nagshead, NC.  The trip was the result of months of planning to make sure all the supplies would be available for the team to complete the project.  A container carrying all the building materials was shipped from the US to Nicaragua prior to the team’s arrival.  Members of the local church worked to get the site prepared for the building crew.

Manteo Miracle Men working to build the Church

This year’s team of “Manteo Miracle Men” who once again completed the job in record time. They did so like the people of Nehemiah’s day because they “…worked with all their heart” (Neh. 4:6). To God be the glory

The outer banks work team or “miracle men” arrived at the Managua International airport  February 27th and travelled by bus to Empalme.  They worked daily sun up to sun down for 6 days, and were able to dedicate the new church building the evening of March 4th.  The church overflowed with local members and visitors from all over the area eagered to be part of  the exciting event.   Something never witnessed in the entire region had taken place,  “the six day church,” as people called it, was truly a modern day miracle.

View photos of the daily progress here:
Day One
Day Two
Day Three
Day Six

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