Touching Jesus through serving others

Our last mission trip to Empalme this past February 26-March 5th, 2011 was a blessing not only for the people in Nicaragua but for our entire team. It is amazing how God reveals himself when we obey his leading. He is constantly seeking a deeper relationship with us. This trip allowed many of us to find a deeper meaning to serving. We were able to care for over 500 patients in need of medical care and we filled over 1,500 prescriptions but in the process we were also the recipients of God’s “love in action.”

One of our team members was showered with words of blessings by an older lady who had been seen in the clinic; despite the language barrier, this lady felt compelled to reciprocate the blessing she had received. There was power from above in her words. Another team member, Matt Hulsman, shared with us how he literally lived the verse “whatever you did to the least of these you did it to me.” As he washed the children’s feet and prayed and blessed them he was overcomed with emotion; he had touched Jesus. God moved in so many ways in Nicaragua and over 114 people made decisions for Christ that week.  Our children’s team blessed the lives of hundreds of children as they shared with them three basic truths:  “You are special because God created you”; “God loves you and His love endures forever” and “God has plans for your life.”  It was amazing to see the children’s faces light up as team members picked them up, played and laughed with them.  So many of them do not have a reason to laugh in their homes; they are left all day wondering in the streets to fend for themselves.  Our vacation Bible school was an opportunity for them to feel special and loved.

Our team was amazing.  We worked together as if we had known eachother all of our lives. There was no complaining or frowns; we worked in harmony and with joy.  We experienced a glimpse of heaven.   I hope you can join us in our upcoming mission trip this July 23rd-31st.  For more information please send us an e-mail to  Thanks for your support and prayers.

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